Sony Bravia AF8 Review

Sony Bravia AF8 Review

Sony’s A1 OLED was one of our most loved TVs of a year ago, with only one staying point: its £3500 beginning cost implied you required a truly sizeable spending plan to discover a spot for it in your family room. A year on, the organization is adding a moment 4K OLED to its arrange. The AF8 (or the A8F as it will be known stateside) will sit beneath the A1 however accompanies a lot of similar smarts, a refreshed outline and – most urgently – the trace of a lower sticker price.

We got the opportunity to investigate it on Sony’s remain to perceive how it squares up to the undeniably hot OLED rivalry. Utilizing a kickstand to prop it up from the back, it implied you required an extensive rack to help the whole width of the screen – no mean accomplishment on the off chance that you settled on the 65in.

Sony has tuned in to the criticism and rather settled on a position of safety remain on the AF8 – it doesn’t lift the screen up by much, yet sufficiently only to make it significantly simpler to suit on littler racks. It likewise implies the screen doesn’t have the slight in reverse tilt of the A1 – not something that pestered us amid testing but rather that a few clients found off-putting.

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It would appear that it could loan itself somewhat better for divider mounting as well. The A1’s thick speaker stand implied it stood very pleased from a divider when mounted – the AF8 seems as though it may sit somewhat prettier. There’s as yet a sizeable haul to the base piece of the screen however, and dissimilar to the A1 it has a more plastic-y complete as well.

The majority of the ports are secured over by a cautious plastic board however, to keep things looking clean. The screen itself is as thin as you’d anticipate from OLED and from the front is close bezel-less, without any logos or marking to occupy you from its photo execution. It’ll be accessible in 55in and 65in.

rom a brief look on Sony’s CES 2018 stand, the AF8 looks very promising indeed, offering what – on paper – looks to be everything we loved about the A1, but with a simplified design and an easier-to-swallow price tag.

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How much lower that price will be, we don’t know just yet. Plus there are still plenty of other questions to be answered too, including more in-depth details on the panel and any new picture processing, before its release in Spring 2018. It’ll also have some pretty tough competition to take on as ever, including new OLEDs from Panasonic and LG, and whatever QLED goodness Samsung is cooking up for 2018. We’ll update this page as soon as we hear back from Sony on any of our questions, but first impressions would certainly suggest Sony has another cracking OLED on its hands. We’re just keeping our fingers crossed that we can afford it.


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