Review Nokia 6, Best Budget Phone

Review Nokia 6, Best Budget Phone

The last time you could purchase a telephone with the word Nokia engraved on it in the US, Barack Obama was an insignificant two years into his second term as president, the Chicago Cubs still hadn’t figured out how to break their century-long drought in the World Series, and Apple presently couldn’t seem to offer a solitary smartwatch.

Yet, in spite of the non-presence of Nokia telephones in America for just about three years, the brand is back, but not exactly the same as some time recently. A considerable measure has changed since the last time Nokia was here. This new Nokia telephone doesn’t run a similar programming stage it did years prior. Furthermore, this new telephone — the Nokia 6, accessible solely through Amazon — isn’t a top of the line gadget with bleeding edge outline or an amusement evolving camera.

nstead, the Nokia 6 is an entry-level device with an entry-level price to match. Its $229 price drops to $179.99 if you opt for Amazon’s version that’s loaded with Amazon apps and ads. For that cost, you get an unlocked Android phone with a 5.5-inch, 1080p screen, a 16-megapixel camera, and Qualcomm’s entry-level processor. Basically, there’s nothing here, save for the logo that calls back to Nokia’s glory days.


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But is the Nokia 6 a worthwhile phone on its own? Yes, especially if you opted for the Amazon version and got it for less than $200. Nothing about the Nokia 6 will give you the impression that you’re using a more expensive or premium device, but it’s a reliable phone that should last a couple of years, provided your needs aren’t that demanding.

There are a ton of telephones in the Nokia 6’s value go now, and a considerable lot of them share a similar essential specs. The 6 doesn’t veer too a long way from the standard. Its 5.5-inch show is huge and sufficiently sharp, however not as splendid or brilliant as a more costly gadget. It has 32GB of capacity, a space for a microSD card, and 3GB of RAM. The 1.4GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor is sufficient for everyday utilize, except push the Nokia 6 hard with a considerable measure of multitasking or gaming and you’ll see it hint at battle under the heap. Likewise, the battery will last an entire day for the vast majority, yet additionally requesting clients will most likely need to hit the charger at night.

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The Nokia 6’s outline likewise addresses its spending situating. It is a metal unibody telephone, yet the edges are sharp and blocky, and it doesn’t feel especially cleaned or refined. The expansive bezels around the screen and Micro USB charging port give the entire experience an extremely 2015 vibe. If you were hoping for the Nokia 6 to be the second coming of Nokia in the US, you’ll be disappointed. You might also have been expecting a bit too much. A roughly $200 phone is never going to be anything more than a budget model for casual consumers.

But if you’re a casual phone buyer looking for something with decent software and a reliable experience, you can do a lot worse than the Nokia 6. It’s a tougher sell at its full $229.99 price, but if you can live with the ever-present Amazon ad on your lock screen, it’s a good value at $179.99. Just make sure you’re using it with AT&T, T-Mobile, or one of their subsidiary MVNO networks, as it won’t work on Verizon or Sprint. And if you find that you can’t stand the ads, you can always pay $50 to upgrade to the ad-free experience after the fact.

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